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Did Recent Storms Leave Water Damage in Your West Palm Beach Ceilings?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment stacked outside of home No matter the size of your water loss event, we have the equipment to dry your home.

Removing Damaged Ceilings in Storm-Damaged West Palm Beach Condos 

High-end condominiums throughout West Palm Beach are unfortunately just as susceptible to the violent weather events as other properties in the path of tropical storms. With the high winds and torrential rainfall, damage to roofs and the building itself can leave your condo exposed to some substantial flooding in the right conditions. Even without several inches of standing water to contend with, repairing and replacing damaged structural elements can be costly enough for even minor flooding. 

Migrating water during a storm event can lead to flood damage in West Palm Beach condos. Because so many condo ceilings include soundproofing to add privacy and a more pleasant living condition, many costlier elements and materials can become damaged when water makes its way through the roof to your building. Depending on where floodwater travels, the same expensive damages could occur in shared wall cavities between yours and another’s unit. 

When our SERVPRO professionals first arrive at your damaged address, we must assess the condo for structural concerns. Ceiling materials like drywall, acoustic ceiling, or plaster can all show noticeable signs of integrity loss with direct water exposure. Pooling water can quickly saturate through porous organic materials like drywall to cause a composition change where the wallboard becomes too heavy to remain installed. 

In many cases, to address the materials used in soundproofing your unit, we must get beyond the surface material like drywall or tile. Noise reduction materials are typically a form of insulation or a mat-like element installed between your ceiling and the floor of the unit about yours. The same premise exists for neighboring condos on the same level. Our SERVPRO team can remove these water damaged materials and work with positive pressure systems, air movers, and dehumidifiers to dry out the damp, structural cavities. Our in-house general contractors can complete the demolition and reinstallation of this material to make this flood loss incident “Like it never even happened.” 

With the premier materials used in the construction of your condo, reconstruction and rebuilding can be costly avenues. Our SERVPRO of Lake Worth team can limit how much of your residence needs to get rebuilt after a flood loss with our fast and confident response. Give us a call today at (561) 588-9777.

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Why it is Important to Clean HVAC Systems After Fires in West Palm Beach

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

Top of HVAC unit Once smoke gets into your HVAC unit, it travels. We can clean your air ducts to minimize smoke and soot spreading throughout your home.

Fire Damage West Palm Beach – Does My HVAC System Need to be Cleaned

An HVAC system forces air, either heated or cooled throughout the home. During a fire, smoke residue may be drawn into the system and redistributed throughout the entire house. Not only does your whole house need to be cleaned and deodorized, so does your HVAC system.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration services in the West Palm Beach area. Our experience has shown that many HVAC systems need cleaning after a fire. However, it depends on the type of fire, how long it was burning, and proximity to cold air return vents. We can inspect and evaluate your system to assess cleaning requirements. No one wants to redistribute smoke odors throughout a restored home from a residue filled HVAC system.

HVAC System Assessment

Factors SERVPRO takes into account include: did smoke enter the system, length of time the fire burned, was the HVAC system operating at the time of the fire, type of smoke residue, amount of residue, presence of smoke odors. Also, factors such as damaged HVAC components, duct type, is the disassembly of the system required, and do the filters need to be replaced are considered.

In some situations, such as disassembly, an HVAC professional may assist with inspection and reassembly of the system.

Cleaning Process

After a full evaluation, SERVPRO can prepare recommendations for cleaning. Small fires that burned for a short amount of time may not require significant cleaning of the HVAC system. The cleaning process may involve: cleaning of all vent registers and air intakes, replacement of all air filters, clean all accessible interior surfaces. Denser concentrations of smoke residue may also require fogging of all of the ducts. We can introduce fogging from the vents as well as from the central plenum to remove all smoke odors. Cheesecloths can also be placed over all vents to trap particles.

We replace some components in more severe fire damage situations. SERVPRO, in conjunction with an HVAC professional, can prepare recommendations as required.

Call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Manalapan, Hypoluxo, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Wherever Condensation Forms, Water Damage can Take Hold in Your West Palm Beach House

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment sitting on a set of shelves. SERVPRO knows the effects water damage can have on your West Palm Beach home.

Water damage to your West Palm Beach can take completely over your home.

Moisture content in your West Palm Beach home's air fluctuates and can vary between different rooms. Many of the things your family does everyday uses water. Most of these use hot water, but heat does not always play a role in how humid your home might be at any given moment. Even cool water, like from your refrigerator's drip pan, can raise the amount of water vapor in the kitchen.

Dampness trapped within your property in West Palm Beach makes water damage much more likely to occur. We can help you prevent this from happening, or mitigate any current, existing deterioration. However, preventing situations that might cause problems typically cost homeowners less than mitigation and restoration. 

Preventing problematic situations also protects contents like furniture and personal belongings, increasing its cost-effectiveness. It is possible to do the majority of these measures easily, as well. 

One of the most effective ways that significantly decreases water vapor in the air is checking the ducts between the vent to the outside and the bathroom, stove, and dryer for leaks. Tiny holes that seem inconsequential cost increase your monthly expenses because not only do these allow steam to exit the ducts before all of it gets pushed outside by an exhaust fan, small breaks and tears can force your system to work harder. This can wear out your system's components faster and raise your monthly electric bill. Our building services crew can help by inspecting your house's ventilation system and repairing any worn areas.

Other ways that a homeowner can decrease the water vapor content include not opening the dishwasher until it has completely cooled inside, running the exhaust fan when cooking or showering, cleaning out the clothes dryer lint trap, and using the air conditioner when the weather is humid. Making sure that any air conditioner units installed in a window drain properly can also help prevent water damage. Checking to make sure that the drip pan under the refrigerator is level can protect the floor, also.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth also responds to residents' needs in Ocean Ridge, Palm Springs,and Manalapan. Call (561) 588-9777 for water damage experts who can help with both preventative measures and any mitigation, cleanup, or restoration needed.

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Successful Shortcuts to Fire Damage Remediation in West Palm Beach

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

active fire in garage of a home Fireproof your garage as a preventative measure.  Should your garage suffer from a fire, call SERVPRO after the firefighters leave.

How to Prevent Fire Damage West Palm Beach Garages

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, January and February are the peak months for fire damage caused by garage fires in residential properties with electrical malfunctions being the culprit in the majority of these fire loss events. 

The reason fire damage in a West Palm Beach garage has the potential to leave behind so much damage is that many homeowners do not put heat alarms in their attached garages to give them early warning of a fire before it grows out of control. Overloaded electrical outlets combined with flammable substances such as gas for the mower, paint or varnish, and fertilizer can all contribute to making a small fire into a large scale home disaster. 


The technicians have extensive training for the best practices in the cleanup from fire loss for both the structure and contents. They have different cleaning agents and methods to release different kinds of smoke residue from surfaces and restore items to their preloss condition.

Tips for Preventing Fires in Garages

Some good practices to reduce the chance of a fire starting in your garage include: 

  • Store flammable materials such as gasoline, propane, and paints in a shed away from the house.
  • Store combustible items such as cleaning rags or paper away from appliances that could spark. 
  • Use only a single charging appliance in an outlet.
  • Do not plug extension cords or strip plugs into each other.
  • Remove clutter and store items in easy-to-move plastic bins.
  • Install a heat alarm instead of a smoke alarm in your garage, heat alarms response to rises temperature, and are not affected by humidity, dust, insects, or fumes. 
  • Do not fill portable gas cans in the garage as the fumes have the potential to collect.
  • If a flammable substance spills in the garage, clean it up as soon as possible. 

Fire damage needs professional cleanup and restoration for maximum protection against property and contents loss. Call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777, their certified techs are available 24/7 to restore your home to its pre-fire condition, "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO Can Respond Swiftly to Get Your West Palm Beach Business Up and Running after a Water Loss

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Image of Antique Car with Garage Repair Sign SERVPRO Can Remove Unwanted Water from a Repair Shop in West Palm Beach--And Keep the Cars Rolling!

Commercial Water Damage In West Palm Often Requires Removing Standing Water

One day everything could be fine, and then before you know it, a pipe breaks inside your West Palm automobile repair shop. If the plumbing failure occurs overnight, you could go to your place of business first thing in the morning and realize that you need to call in a professional company such as SERVPRO to conduct commercial water removal on your property. The quicker you start mitigation efforts, the less expensive the project may be.

Especially if the water gets deep as it leaks overnight, your commercial water removal project in West Palm may become excessive. Even a small crack inside one of your pipes can cause many gallons to leak out into your repair shop. Since most repair shops have hard surface floors like concrete, the liquid can build up fast and spread far from the actual leak source. When this occurs, our SERVPRO technicians can help you prevent problems from getting worse for your business.

If your repair shop did flood, standing water could create other secondary problems if not treated right away. Water can ruin your lifts or other equipment and possibly cause your mechanics' tools or toolboxes to rust. An excessive amount of liquid H2O can also cause humidity levels to rise, which can create issues throughout your company's building.

The first step our SERVPRO crew always takes is to extract moisture while it is still a liquid. Once moisture soaks into any porous contents and building materials or evaporates into the air, it gets much harder to remove. We can start by setting up a submersible pump to vacuum up deep standing water and put it into one of your building's sewage drains. If the water is not too deep, less than an inch, we can use squeegees to push the water to the exterior vial, the bay windows. Next, we can remove the remaining liquid by mopping it up off your concrete floor.

If the problem inside your shop is severe, we can implement applied structural drying or ASD methods to dry out your building's structural components. We can use air movers to create air circulation and dehumidifiers to reduce indoor humidity levels. During severe cases where there is a large amount of wet concrete, we can implement desiccant dehumidifiers to help dry out your slightly porous concrete floors. This process may take several days to draw out the moisture and prevent degradation to this important work surface.

If your car repair facility ever suffers from a pipe break, call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 24/7.  We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We're Faster To Any Size Disaster In West Palm Beach

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

A family room in a home with water damage on the carpet after a storm We have storm damage experience, expertise, the resources and equipment to handle the job.

Flood Damage West Palm Beach – Move Out and Storage of Personal Items

Every year the West Palm Beach area is exposed to a variety of tropical storms, including tornadoes and hurricanes. These storms can cause significant flooding and damage to homes and businesses. Structures must be cleaned and dried. Contents must be removed, cleaned, stored, and returned once the client's home or business is restored to its original condition.

SERVPRO responds to flood damage events in Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Every job site is different, requiring many different solutions, a variety of equipment, and skilled technicians. Our crew chief assesses the situation and prepares a plan to clean your home and restore it. This plan may include moving the contents of your home or business into undamaged areas of the building or to a secure SERVPRO site.

Details and Accuracy

Clients are stressed about the flood damage that has been caused by a storm. Whenever contents must be cleaned, moved, stored, and then returned to the original site, clients need to know that their contents are safe. We maintain detailed and accurate records of the status and location of every item. Our customers can be confident that their belongings are safe.

Any time contents are removed from the job site, even if it is to a staging area within the building, it adds cost and time to the project. SERVPRO attempts to manage the cost and complete the job in a cost-efficient manner. For example:

Clean the contents before moving the item to a staging area
SERVPRO prefers to move the contents to a staging area within the building unaffected by the flooding to reduce the cost and time needed for the job
We identify items that are unrecoverable due to the flood damage
SERVPRO maintains accurate records of the status and location of every item which are available to the client and their insurance adjuster if needed

Clients can count on our team to return your home or business, "Like it never even happened," while maintaining an accurate inventory of all of your contents affected by the flood damage.

Call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Ocean Ridge, Palm Springs, Greenacres, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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What are the First Things West Palm Beach Homeowners Can do After a Fire?

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

Firemen on ladder battling second story fire Fires happen and the cleanup is a messy process. SERVPRO can remediate your home to its preloss condition. Call us today!

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup Tips for Homeowners in West Palm Beach

The journey a homeowner takes during the aftermath of a fire in West Palm Beach can be long and arduous. Mitigation and remediation after a household fire are priority services for our disaster recovery company. We understand your desire to take steps to jump-start the process back to normality, but we want to guide your efforts so that your actions do not cause additional harm or safety concerns. Hints focusing your response to productive tasks as you partner with us include the following. 

Limit Migration of Residues 

The tiny particles of incompletely combusted materials that are the solids found in smoke are also known as soot, visible evidence of fire damage in your West Palm Beach house. Soot floats on air currents, seeking surfaces upon which to settle that are cooler than the fire that created it. Ventilation systems and even the movement of you or our workers walking through the affected areas can accelerate the distribution of soot. To limit the spread of soot, we recommend: 

  • Turning off HVAC systems, blocking vents and registers with cheesecloth, and changing filters 
  • Minimizing walking through affected rooms 
  • Keeping hands clean to prevent the transfer of soot to clean surfaces 
  • Creating clear pathways on flooring and protect upholstered furnishings by placing clean, colorfast sheets or towels on surfaces 

Protect Metals and Other Surfaces 

A thin coating of lubricant prevents the highly acidic fire residues from tarnishing or pitting fixtures. Faucets, appliances, and trim benefit from this treatment until a thorough professional cleaning by the SERVPRO team completes.  

Get Recommendations for Competent Dry Cleaners and Electronic Service 

Not all resources available in the community have the training and experience to evaluate fire damage and resolve the harm. SERVPRO can share contact information with you for area contractors who take the extra steps necessary to clean and deodorize fabrics and electronics. Our crews are familiar with and can provide assessment and cleanup of fire-damaged carpeting and upholstery. 

Food Safety Concerns 

Empty freezers and refrigerators if fire damage interrupted electrical service. Pantries and cupboards need an inspection by knowledgeable SERVPRO technicians to ensure any food retained is safe. Even sealed cans, bottles, and jars could provide an environment for spoilage if temperatures were high enough during the fire. Soot can climb the threads of caps to contaminate food.  

Following the appropriate actions recommended by SERVPRO of Lake Worth during initial assessment can streamline fire damage cleanup start to finish, keeping you and your family safe as well. Contact our skilled team at (561) 588-9777 for emergency assistance and tips on what you can do to help us help you. 

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Positive and Negative Impacts of Actions Taken After Water Damage Incidents in West Palm Beach

11/10/2019 (Permalink)

A little boy sitting in a float in a kitchen that has standing water. SERVPRO knows what it is going to take to clean your West Palm Beach water damage.

Let us show you the correct way with your West Palm Beach water damage. 

Water spills cause many problems and might even force you to seek alternative accommodation until they are resolved. You might consider taking different steps to resolve the issue. However, it is crucial to understand the full impact of any action taken before you start. Alternatively, you can engage a professional that deals with water damage restoration to ensure every action taken is helpful.

Impact of fast water removal

Removing the water that intrudes into unwanted areas of your property is crucial for the restoration of a water damage incident in West Palm Beach. Speedy water removal has a positive impact because apart from assisting with faster recovery of the loss, it also helps minimize secondary damage and chances of microbial growth. However, fast extraction can sometimes lead to a negative outcome. For example, if the incident floods your basement, fast extraction can destabilize the walls. Our SERVPRO technicians pump out only two to three

The Impact of deodorization

After water intrusion in a structure, deterioration of materials and processes such as microbial growth start, which leads to the development of bad odor. Deodorization can help manage such odors by neutralizing them or masking them with a sweet scent. The deodorization process can be performed in different ways including;

  • Use of time-release beads
  • Fogging
  • Use of activated oxygen
  • Direct Spraying
  • Use of Air Filtration Devices

Each deodorization method works differently. For example, activated oxygen combines with odor molecules, neutralizing them while fogging delivers the deodorizing agent in tiny particles that penetrate deep into materials. Sometimes deodorization can have some unintended consequences. Ozone can react with moisture causing a bleaching action, so it is not ideal for deodorizing wet carpets or upholstery. Our SERVPRO technicians are highly trained in the use of odor control products and procedures, allowing us to choose the most suitable method for your loss site.

Evaluation of each action taken to restore water damage is crucial for a positive outcome. Call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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We Help You Get Back In Business After A Flood In West Palm Beach

10/28/2019 (Permalink)

One of our trucks outside a building We have the technology and techniques to restore your business to preloss state. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

How Different Scenarios of Commercial Flood Damage Can Affect West Palm Beach Workshops

Although you might not think about it often, there is always a chance of finding your furniture workshop flooded. Flooding can result from different scenarios, and each has different implications in terms of the damages left and the remedial actions that you can take. It is a good idea to involve a professional such as SERVPRO for better restoration of commercial flood damage.

Breaches to the Structure

Most commercial flood damage incidents in West Palm Beach occur due to adverse weather events such as storms and hurricanes. Strong winds that prevail during such events can shatter windows, blow off the roof or drive debris through the walls letting in rainwater, which can leave various sections of your workshop, flooded. In such cases, flooding can affect even the elevated areas of your workshop. Restoration mostly involves extracting the water and drying contents. Our SERVPRO teams can help complete such removal fast because we have advanced extraction equipment, including truck-mounted extractors, submersible pumps, and high-speed electric pumps.

Since rainwater is not contaminated, a flooding scenario where the structure is breached means it is possible to save more items, including the wooden furniture, upholstery, and other porous materials, as long as the response is timely. Since We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, we can start restoration before any permanent damage happens. We move contents and use specialized techniques such as creating drying chambers to regulate the process.

Heavy Contamination and Soiling

Flood damage can also happen from rising groundwater. Such water easily finds a way into enclosed spaces such as workshops through gravity action. Although the effects are mostly restricted close to the ground up to the waterline, the contaminants and heavy soiling left in the wake of such an incident can lead to severe damages. Removal of all porous materials is necessary, followed by thorough cleaning of soiled areas. Our SERVPRO crews can perform a controlled demolition removing all porous materials from the walls and floor. We also use pressure washers and professional cleaning agents to sanitize soiled areas.

Commercial flooding scenarios vary, necessitating different response plans. Call SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 to help restore your workshop to its preloss state.

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Call Us For Immediate Access To Qualified Personnel In West Palm Beach

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

A room covered in soot and smoke with black walls We will clean to “prepare for painting”. This process deodorizes and ensures the new paint will adhere properly to the surface after a fire like this.

Principles Used To Clean Fire Damage In Your West Palm Beach Home

As a homeowner, you want to clean as much as possible after a fire occurs in your West Palm Beach home. The idea is that cleaning and restoration services reduce any costs associated with your claim, versus disposal and replacement of every item in your home. 

The cost of services offered by a local fire damage restoration company in West Palm Beach are only a small percentage when compared to the cost of replacement or even resurfacing. A restorer can apply the principles and elements of cleaning, helping you restore materials to a quality preloss condition, and reduce any losses you might experience. 

A qualified Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician (FSRT) from SERVPRO uses the five principles of cleaning to accomplish the restoration of your home. Remember, the idea is to return materials to an acceptable condition, not to replace or resurface anything. 

  1. Careful Inspection of the Affected Area: Starting near the source of the fire, tracing how far smoke, soot, and additional residues move through your home.
  2. Identifying Different Residues: Smoke residues often change, even within the same loss environment. A restorer selects an effective cleaning method depending on the type of smoke residues present in each area. 
  3. Identity of Different Surfaces: The surface material also has an impact on which cleaning methods and products your technician uses. A restorer's job is to preserve the material, not cause additional damage.
  4. Capture and Remove Residues: Using either a wet or dry cleaning process, your restorer prevents residue from bonding with different materials and surfaces, lifting particles away. 
  5. Disposal of Residues: There are local, state, and federal guidelines used to dispose of debris and cleaning waste associated with an event. 

Your cleaning and restoration technicians from SERVPRO use the four elements of cleaning to suspend residues and remove them. We go through extensive Employee Certification Training (ECT) and Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) before ever stepping foot in your home. 

At SERVPRO, temperature, agitation, chemical action, and time all play a significant role in how we suspend and remove residues found in your home after a fire. We combine the principles and elements of cleaning to remove smoke, soot, and odors, providing a unique solution to your specific circumstances.

Contact SERVPRO of Lake Worth for immediate access to qualified personnel, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. (561) 588-9777

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