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Should I open My Windows After Flood Damage?

7/21/2020 (Permalink)

"Humidity" We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your business property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

West Palm Beach Residents Want To Air Their Homes Quickly.

Nobody living in West Palm Beach wants their home to smell damp. A fresh-smelling home is much nicer than one that smells bad.

After flood damage, West Palm Beach homeowners might open their windows to help with the airflow. It’s natural to assume that an open window and better air circulation is a cure for lingering damp odors after a flood. However, open windows can interfere with the dehumidifying process.

Why is dehumidifying a vital part of flood damage restoration?

The first stage of flood damage restoration is pumping out standing water. After your home is free of water, it is time to clean, dry, and disinfect. But running dehumidifiers is essential too. 

Dehumidifiers dry the air and remove the lingering damp feeling

Dehumidifiers help dry out carpets, furnishings, and the structure of the home, 

            to prevent water damage

Dehumidifiers help get rid of leftover damp smells

Dehumidifiers are an essential part of preventing mold growth after a flood

Why is it important to keep the windows closed?

The dehumidification process requires a closed drying system with all doors and windows closed. A closed system makes it easier to control the environment and monitor drying progress.

What kind of dehumidifiers does SERVPRO use?

SERVPRO teams use three types of dehumidifier:

Conventional refrigerants – use refrigerant coils to trap and cool the air, and turn it into moisture droplets before pumping the droplets away from the structure

Low grain refrigerants – work similarly to conventional refrigerants except that they pre-cool the air before moving it across the coils

Desiccants – use water-absorbing compounds to absorb moisture from the air and then vent the moisture-laden air out of the building

Each type of unit has its strengths. Conventional devices are our most commonly-used dehumidifiers as they work in a range of conditions. Low grain units can dry to a lower level of humidity and are more energy-efficient. Desiccant units lower humidity much faster than refrigerant types.

No matter what the scenario, you can rest assured that our teams know which unit is best for each situation.

If you are concerned about getting your home dry after flood damage, give SERVPRO of Lake Worth a call at (561) 588-9777.

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What are Signs of Bathroom Water Damage?

7/15/2020 (Permalink)

Large bathroom; bathtub in background; standing water on floor Our team of bathroom water damage professionals is highly trained to attack the problem immediately and make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO can Help Locate and Remediate Lake Worth Water Damage

Homeowners dealing with water damage will agree that it can be quite a headache. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most common areas of the home that suffer from various kinds of water damage. Bathrooms often have at least three water sources between the sink, the shower or bathtub, and the toilet. As such, there are multiple places where leakage can occur. On top of dealing with leakage, bathrooms also create a lot of humidity from steamy showers or baths. When moisture levels rise in a small space like a bathroom, several potential issues can result.

Living in South Florida means hot days and nights, which means you need a well-functioning bathroom to clean up. Therefore, homeowners need to be aware of the most common signals that water damage may be present. The following are some of the most typical Lake Worth bathroom water damage signs: 

  • Damp, musty smells
  • Floor damage like buckled, cracked, or stained tiles/wood
  • Noticeable issues with discolored walls, warped walls, or wet walls
  • Mold presence on the walls, ceiling, or corners
  • Gaps between the grouting/calking 

The ability to pinpoint possible water damage signs in your bathroom is critical to minimizing the overall damage and cost to repair. While something like an overflowing sink, tub, or toilet is an apparent cause of bathroom water damage, other issues may present themselves much slower and inconspicuously.

If and when you notice that your bathroom has some water issues, you must be proactive in seeking help. Our team of highly trained bathroom water damage professionals attacks the problem immediately and make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact SERVPRO of Lake Worth today to learn more! (561) 588-9777 

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How Should You Prepare Your Business for the Upcoming Holiday Season?

7/13/2020 (Permalink)

Credit card being entered into iPad; blurred Christmas slights in background When it comes to small business security, you truly cannot be too careful.

SERVPRO Can Help Your Prepare Now to Keep Your Business Safe for the Holiday Season 

Even though it's summer, the holiday season is right around the corner. For many businesses throughout Lake Worth, this is the time of year to prepare the commercial properties for increases in customers, and hopefully, increases in sales. From office holiday parties to family gatherings, the holiday season is truly the most wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, however, it is also the time of year when business owners must account for potential criminal attacks. As such, it is vital for Lake Worth businesses to create a security plan for the holiday season. 

Small business owners are at risk of robberies since they often have extra cash in-store during this time of year. Be sure to keep in mind the following safety tips in the upcoming holiday season:

  • Go over all the security employees with the staff and ensure they have a thorough understanding of protocols
  • Check that all alarm systems, surveillance cameras, locks, and cybersecurity software are in working order
  • Ensure locking all doors and windows upon closing each night
  • Update your system to account for the extended holiday hours
  • Try to make bank deposits at different times, avoid having a set routine
  • Consider bringing on a nighttime security guard
  • Avoid checking your business email account when you are on a public Wi-Fi network
  • Install an outside lighting system
  • If hiring seasonal employees, be sure to do thorough background checks 

The holiday season is a profitable period for many businesses, but an unexpected break-in could send your business into a tailspin. When it comes to small business security, you cannot be too careful. Should your business need emergency restoration, SERVPRO of Lake Worth is always available. Contact us at (561) 588-9777. 

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How Does Flood Damage Affect Crawlspaces in Lake Worth?

7/11/2020 (Permalink)

Large SERVPRO generator SERVPRO "Generates Power" for Flood Damage Restoration in Lake Worth

Crawlspace Concerns after Storm Damage in Lake Worth 

The heavy rains seen during extreme weather events can affect all levels of your Lake Worth home. When assessing the harm done by a rainstorm, make sure the restoration company you choose evaluates every area making up your dwelling, including the foundation supporting your house. Your property's structural integrity depends on the proper assessment of any damage done to the lowest level of your home. 

The older homes in the Lake Worth neighborhoods often experience storm damage to the crawlspace type foundation chosen years before to allow cooling air to circulate and permit easy access to utility lines. If the heavy rain runoff collects or soaks into areas of the crawlspace, moisture issues become a significant problem. Deterioration of structural components and mold growth can follow. We have strategies and recommendations that can help restore and stabilize the space. 

When the SERVPRO team arrives, our project manager conducts a thorough inspection of the foundation's damage. We look for contributing factors such as cracks and eroded or poorly configured drainage configurations. We discuss making arrangements to repair gutters and downspouts or regrade the ground surrounding the crawlspace to help avoid or minimize storm damage in the future. 

We use pumps stocked on our service vehicles to remove water from the crawlspace. Cold water pipes that might add to the water load under your house because of condensation might need wrapping. Any insulation soaked during the storm damage needs removal and replacement. SERVPRO technicians complete the dry out of your raised crawlspace foundation with air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers.  

Throughout the project, our IICRC-trained employees take moisture readings, helping us to set, and finally achieve final drying goals. Once SERVPRO completes the drying phase, we make decisions to prevent subsequent water damage from the storms that are likely to recur. You might consider installing a vapor barrier encapsulation system with a sump pump option. 

SERVPRO of Lake Worth offers a range of options to help our community recover after storm damage to a crawlspace foundation. Call us at (561) 588-9777 to schedule an assessment as soon as possible after the rain.  

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Your Home Experienced Fire Damage. What's Next?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged room with heavy smoke and soot damage Don't let fire damage dictate where you live. Call SERVPRO today for fire damage remediation assistance.

What Factors Affect Fire Damage Restorability in Lake Worth Properties? 

At first, even when localized to one area of the home, fire damage can look daunting to clean up. We know that looks can be deceiving, and often items homeowners think are a total loss are restorable through our cleaning methods.  

When mitigating fire damage to a Lake Worth property, several factors determine how much SERVPRO technicians can salvage through restoration efforts. No two fires are the same because the materials that fuel the fire are unique to the premises' location, and airflow patterns are never the same. The rules for cleaning and restoration are rooted in scientific methods. They are finite, and technicians apply them to each situation to fit the circumstances for the best outcome for the property and possessions.  

Technicians use wet and dry sponge methods to clean smoke residue, and soot non-porous surfaces such as vinyl wallpaper and enamel painted walls. Items that smoke has permeated such as upholstery or carpeting generally require deep cleaning methods to neutralize the odors. Plastics and rubber leave wet smears to clean up while wood and natural materials leave a drier, lighter residue that is easier to clean.  

Soot is a double issue during clean up. The small particles can cause odor, and also some motes are tinier than the human eye can see. SERVPRO technicians often use HEPA air scrubbers that can capture particles as small as 0.3-microns. Soot can travel if not contained and wind up in food containers in the pantry moving through the threads in a jar or invade the refrigerator through gaskets not providing an adequate seal. Our technicians can inspect food items and advice if it is safe to keep or dispose of them.  

Removing Odors from Properties with Fire Damage here in Lake Worth 

One of the most prominent issues homeowners experience after a minor fire are unpleasant odors. When materials burn, they release chemicals along with carbon into the surrounding atmosphere. In particular, synthetic materials release thicker smokes that come with smells that are not easy to remove. Using a professional service to remove soots and tackle lingering odors is an essential part of getting your home back to how it was before. 

Properties that undergo minor fire damage in Lake Worth can be remediating relatively quickly with a minimum fuss. Inhabitants do not have to move out of the structure during restoration because containing the flames to one specific area, like a kitchen, occurred. 

The more concerning aspect is that smokes travel on natural air currents and can occupy small, enclosed spaces that are difficult to remediate. From there, these residues and soots can give off odors that provide an unpleasant reminder of the fire damages and fill your home with the smells of burnt plastics and wood. SERVPRO can provide technicians with IICRC qualifications in odor control and remove unpleasant smells efficiently.

Deodorization requires more than one method to be truly useful. Sometimes, we never locate the source of an odor; in this case, SERVPRO technicians use multiple procedures to \properly combat the smell. The first procedure is to use thermal fogging equipment. These vaporize deodorant solvents and spread that vapor throughout the affected area. Since deodorizing fumes are similar to smoke, they enter the same cavities and neutralize the offending odor. 

In enclosed spaces like ventilation shafts or small attic spaces, we can place odor pellets. These mask odor particles until they eventually dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere and no longer present a problem. Furnishings can also be a common culprit in burnt smells even if they appear clean to the naked eye. We use chemical containment methods, spraying furniture with chemical deodorizers that form a barrier and prevent odors from rising into the air. 

Part of getting your home back to preloss conditions is removing all reminders of the event, contact SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 for thorough restoration and deodorization.

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What Happens if Water Stagnates Too Long After an Incident?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment inside storage facility Take a peek inside our warehouse. This is just some of the equipment available to us to restore your home.

SERVPRO Suggests Prompt Water Damage Repair Lessens the Cost and Extent of Damage to Your Lake Worth Property 

Even if you catch a water incident within your home quickly to turn off the water supply, what happens in the hours to come is extremely important. Many accidents involving water in your home allow moisture to seep into cracks and crevices. This water invisible to the untrained eye can present a challenge due to the onset of secondary damage and mold and bacterial growth. Calling in skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) to your Lake Worth home is smart to handle the situation. 

How Do You Handle Water Damage? 

  • We are on standby 24/7 to address any size or scope project, allowing us to quickly and efficiently handle your water damage repair in Lake Worth.
  • Our IICRC-Certified team follows proven protocols for salvaging as much as possible from the affected area, including your personal belongings, furnishings, and structural materials.
  • The advanced equipment we bring to each job facilitates fast, effective water extraction and drying to make your home's interior "Like it never even happened" once we wrap up the project. 

With any water loss incident, relative humidity plays a significant role in our ability to meet our drying goals. We carefully plan out how many air movers, fans, heaters, and dehumidifiers are necessary to bring the humidity levels down safely. To ensure we are on the right track, our team uses moisture sensor technology to determine areas where moisture might be lurking. Common areas for hidden moisture after a water loss event in a residential building include the subfloor, ceilings, wall cavities, and behind the baseboards. 

Call (561) 588-9777 to enlist the help of our team at SERVPRO of Lake Worth. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster, and we are ready to address your water damage repair needs. 

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My Renovation is Done. Now, what Should I do About the Mess?

7/7/2020 (Permalink)

Woman and man in hardhat, looking at blueprint From strip malls to office buildings, from restaurants to schools, and from hospitals to retail stores, properly clean a commercial property is vital.

SERVPRO Gives Post Construction Cleaning Tips for Lake Worth Residents 

From strip malls to office buildings, from restaurants to schools, and from hospitals to retail stores, properly cleaning commercial in Lake Worth property is vital. 

After completing a renovation or construction on a commercial property, quite a bit of dust, debris, and general mess typically follow. It is imperative to conduct several cleaning practices to ensure the property is ready for customers to walk through the door. Things like remodeling a retail space, upgrading the lobby of a hotel, or renovating a restaurant kitchen require a multitude of materials and equipment. This material and equipment create a serious mess that will require a deep, maybe even professional cleaning. 

When the contractors and construction workers leave the site, they often neglect to clean up after themselves. Upon construction completion, it is smart to have a basic understanding of what to look for when cleaning a commercial property. After finishing the job and seeing the dust settles, keep the following cleaning tips in mind

  • Be sure to clean all of the lighting fixtures
  • Spot treat carpet
  • Vacuum all flooring
  • Dust air diffusers
  • Damp-mop and buff wood flooring – waxing may be required as well
  • Retouch baseboards
  • Thoroughly wipe down the windows, mirrors, and any interior glass throughout the property
  • Clean all restroom fixtures
  • When necessary, do a deep carpet cleaning
  • Check in areas like closets and cabinets to remove any dust
  • Sweep exterior walkways
  • Polish light switches, doorknobs, and window frames 

From strip malls to office buildings, from restaurants to schools, and from hospitals to retail stores, the ability to properly clean a commercial property after construction is imperative. At SERVPRO of Lake Worth, our team of commercial cleaning and restoration professionals has years of experience in the post-construction cleanup. Contact us today to learn more! (561) 588-9777

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Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

7/5/2020 (Permalink)

Sattelite image of hurrricane We have the storm damage restoration experience and specialized equipment to restore your home or business back to pre-storm condition.

SERVPRO Talks About Hurricane Damage in Lake Worth 

With Hurricane Irma in our rearview mirror, it’s easy for many Florida residents to forget how scary and dangerous hurricane season can be. February is a great time to remind yourself and your family members of how vital storm preparation is for safeguarding your home and keeping your loved ones protected. While summer is often the season most associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, and all types of storms, it is essential to keep in mind that the spring season also brings with it the threat of intense storms. The reality is that Florida sustains more hits from hurricanes than any other state in the country. Living in the Sunshine State has many, many perks, but regular hurricanes near Lake Worth are certainly one of the negatives to residing here. 

Understanding some basic facts about Florida storms is essential in being prepared both physically and mentally for an unexpected hurricane or tornado. Consider the following fast facts on Florida storms: 

  • Hurricane Irma made landfall at 115 knots in Cudjoe Key
  • Anything above a Category 3 composes a to be a major hurricane
  • When tornadoes take place in the spring season, they are more likely to strike at night
  • A tornado can form inside of a hurricane
  • In any given moment around 1,800 thunderstorms are happening around the globe
  • Thunderstorm clouds can reach more than 20,000 feet high
  • Moisture, unstable air, and lift create the basic thunderstorm
  • Cumulonimbus clouds produce thunderstorms
  • Lightning due to thunderstorms kills more people each year than tornadoes do
  • A “derecho” refers to a severe storm encompassing a large area, including high winds, and lasts a long time 

Being prepared in the event of an unexpected storm is imperative. SERVPRO of Lake Worth responds immediately to your flood and storm damage emergencies. We have the storm damage restoration experience and specialized equipment to restore your Lake Worth home or business back to pre-storm condition. Contact us at (561) 588-9777. 

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How do Plumbing Failures Cause Water Damage?

6/30/2020 (Permalink)

Water spewing from burst copper pipe SERVPRO of Lake Worth is available 24/7 for all of your water loss restoration needs.

SERVPRO has the Know How to Remediate Water Damage in West Palm Beach 

Whether your West Palm Beach home suffers from a sudden plumbing emergency or the long-term effects of an unnoticed slow leak fast and expert help delivers a superior result. Although it might seem like the harm from a smaller leak is easily managed with do-it-yourself efforts, the reality is any water loss needs assessment and then mitigation by trained disaster restoration technicians. Our team is reliable, insightful, and an industry leader.  

Water damage inflicts far-reaching effects on your West Palm Beach abode. With a water emergency, the visible issues are often just a glimpse of a much more severe and progressively destructive problem. Professional evaluation, project planning, and implementation of the tasks required can restore and preserve the integrity and comfort of your home.  

When the SERVPRO team arrives, an experienced project manager inspects the scene. We map out the extent of the water damage, which frequently involves using advanced technology like thermal scanning. Trapped water under cabinets or behind walls can complicate what seems like minor damage from a loose connection or cracked pipe or hose. More major flooding, such as that from a broken water heater, also migrates into cracks and crevices. Our professionals know how to locate all the excess moisture to ensure our efforts completely solve the problem. 

Standing water more in-depth than a couple of inches removes quickly with our submersible pumps. Wanded extractors take over, more efficient at pulling moisture spread over vast expanses and joints between floors and walls. SERVPRO service vehicles carry these tools as well as more specialized equipment like floor mats utilizing a negative pressure system to suction water up from several layers of hardwood and subflooring.  

Our IICRC-trained technicians take moisture measurements of the building materials affected to inform our determination of drying goals. After removing the liquid, the SERVPRO green trucks provide air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers. They assist in pulling moisture out of porous structural components into the air as vapor and then condensing or absorbing the vapor for removal.  

Making it, “Like it never even happened,” demands precise moisture measurement, skilled water cleanup, and thorough structural drying courtesy of the professionals at SERVPRO of Lake Worth. Schedule an assessment by calling us 24/7 at (561) 588-9777.  

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What Is the Best Way to Remove Water Odor from My Home?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

docked boats at harbor, tropical Flooding in West Palm Beach, Boats, Houses, or Condos--Rely on SERVPRO for Damage Control and Restoration

SERVPRO has multiple applications to neutralize odors in West Palm Beach Houses

Nearly everyone in this part of Florida, West Palm Beach, has dealt with some level of flooding in their homes and many people can attest that the odor post-water loss is one of the worst things to deal with. This can get compounded as something even worse when the water contains sewage or other stinky elements. Because flood water has the potential to be harmful to come into contact with and SERVPRO techs wear head to toe protective clothing when performing restoration services in local properties.

Are My Carpet and Furniture Automatically a Loss if They Have Flood Damage?

In the majority of situations where SERVPRO handles flood damage cleanup in West Palm Beach homes, porous items such as carpet, cushions, or upholstered furnishings require discarding as there is no way to restore them to a sanitary standard for reuse within the home.

Carpets can be injurious to move when wet due to its weight, so the technicians need to remove the water beforehand. Once the water gets extracted as much as possible, the carpet gets cut into manageable strips and disposed of according to local sanitary regulations.

Non-porous items that may respond to deep cleaning methods such as immersion cleaning, may have restoration potential for reuse within the home. SERVPRO techs inspect each item in the loss area methodically and nothing gets disposed of without approval from the adjuster or property owner. The techs are happy to work directly with the insurance adjuster as needed, and this also ensures that all the work done during the cleanup gets approved as being within the scope of coverage so there are not any surprise out-of-pocket expenses for cleaning up the flood loss.

Controlled Demolition is a Common Part of Flood Loss Cleanup 

It is hard to believe half an inch of water can do the amount of damage it has the potential to leave behind. It can:   

  • Wick into sheetrock and cause buckling and warping
  • Delaminate tile
  • Ruin carpet and padding
  • Seep under floor covering and saturate the subfloor

Measures that SERVPRO techs take against this type of loss to the structure include:   

  • Drilling weep holes for drainage in walls and baseboards
  • Removal of baseboards to open up floor joints for extraction and drying
  • Flood cuts to quickly remove damaged sheetrock above the waterline

Mold is Always a Concern After Flood Loss 

SERVPRO technicians have an extensive library of information and training in the fight against mold infestations post-flood. Because of the elevated interior humidity, and warmer year-round temps in Florida, it creates a perfect breeding ground for naturally occurring mold spores to germinate and spread rapidly.

When drying the property, the techs take air moisture readings to determine the current percentages and develop a drying goal that is below sustainable levels for mold growth. During the drying process, readings get taken at regular intervals to ensure that the interior humidity levels are on track. Once the interior gets dried, proactive treatments to inhibit any mold growth through the use of antimicrobial cleaning agents and sealants.

Prepping the Property for Needed Repairs 

Several actions go into the preparation of the structure for repairs or reconstruction needed to bring the home to its pre-flood loss condition. Getting rid of ruined building materials and contents assists in lowering the foul odors but residual odors may remain even after the structure shows as dry on the meter readings. To leave the structure odor-free, the techs use a variety of odor control methods to neutralize unpleasant scents left behind. One of the go-to pieces of equipment is the Hydroxyl Generator which works exactly like leaving laundry in the sun to kill odors using the same UV rays. Best of all, as this machine converts airborne molecules, it is completely safe around people, pets and plants. Thermal fogging requires no one else is on-site while it gets used, but it is very effective for getting rid of otherwise embedded odors and making them nonexistent. Since both of these odor control methods work to change the odorous particulate at the molecular level, the scents never return.

The loss area also gets thorough hand-cleaning from the techs using their proprietary cleaners. Depending on the surfaces getting cleaned - different solutions get used. For example, an antibacterial for counters and specialized formulas for other types of surfaces.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 brings the professional tools and experience to eliminate the problems flood damage brings to a home and restores the property to its pre-water loss condition.