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How to Dry Your West Palm Beach Home After Locating Standing Water

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How to Dry Your West Palm Beach Home After Locating Standing Water This leaking hot water heater created a mess!. SERVPRO was able to thoroughly dry the home and get it back to its preloss condition.

Removing Standing Water from Your West Palm Beach Home

Water loss incidents persisting long enough to create a standing water situation in your West Palm Beach residence can be an overwhelming circumstance for homeowners. Finding the right equipment and the best approach to handle these effects fast and effectively requires a quick response. As soon as you recognize an emergency developing, you need to react immediately with preventative measures and powerful tools available through specialty locations like major chain hardware superstores. 

There are many machines and practices that our SERVPRO professionals use to address water removal in West Palm Beach houses. The objective is first to determine the cause of the water damage and what must occur to both to repair this problem and to stop the supply pouring out temporarily. Since you need to stop water flow to repair plumbing and fixture concerns successfully, find your shutoff valve where your service enters the property. Turning off the water supply prevents further water movement so that you can assess the severity of the plumbing issues and begin drying and cleaning. 

Even our SERVPRO professionals utilize sump pumps and wet-vacs for specific scenarios. Many homeowners already own a wet-dry vac, especially considering the likelihood of severe weather threats to the coast. With some patience, you can extract the bulk of saturation and standing water from flooring materials with this machine. 

Dehumidification units and drying fans like the air-movers that our professionals use in water loss recovery are also available for rent in specific shops. These tools help you to dry out damaged areas of your home before the spread worsens. 

Ensure that your home is entirely dry and clean after a water loss incident. Lingering water in any area of your property can welcome situations like mold and microbial growth. Whenever water loss situations occur, you can count on our SERVPRO of Lake Worth team to help you however you need. Give us a call at (561) 588-9777.

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Why SERVPRO Is the Answer to Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in West Palm Beach

7/14/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why SERVPRO Is the Answer to Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in West Palm Beach You will understand why, when you call SERVPRO for your water damage.

No matter how your water damage happened, we will help.

Flooring takes a beating when water intrudes into your West Palm Beach home. It provides a highway for the water spreading from a broken pipe, an overflowing tub or sink, a malfunctioning appliance, or another type of water loss. Your first inclination is often to throw down a few towels and “finish” the job with a mop or shop vac. Your efforts, although valiant, are unfortunately likely to be inadequate. Avoid a nasty surprise down the road by asking us to evaluate the situation soon after the water emergency.

When water damages West Palm Beach floors, the materials used to construct this essential housing fixture must guide appropriate responses. Hardwood floors are beautiful and somewhat able to shed water on the surface. Their ability, particularly when finished with water-resistant substances, to appear untouched after a quick mopping up can distract from damage happening below your feet.

Our SERVPRO crews have answered the call to rescue damage hardwood floors days or weeks after the initial water loss. Over time the water you do not see after wiping off the spill or flooding causes damage to the subfloor materials and the underside of the hardwood planks. Water percolates between the joints and at the baseboard. Failing to account for this means the moisture persists, saturating the planks from the bottom. 

Terms like “cupping” and “crowning” now become part of the discussion. When hardwood absorbs water from below it swells, each length confined by the boards adjacent and constrained by a waterproof topcoat. The planks deform, either pushing up at the center (crowning) or at each long edge (cupping). In severe cases, the floor “buckles,” the planks pulling up and away from the substrate. Sometimes the wavy floor can be repaired by sanding. Other times it must be replaced.

Either way, SERVPRO technicians must remove the moisture from all layers of flooring fast. Employing negative air pressure by attaching floor mats to the surface and connecting them by hoses to powerful extractors is a preferred method. It pulls water from several layers, reducing the moisture content to normal levels as determined by metering quickly. 

Avoid the heartbreak of ruined hardwood by consulting with SERVPRO of Lake Worth immediately after water spreads across your floors. No job at your home  is too big or too small, and we look forward to helping after your call at (561) 588-9777.

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Let the Professionals Handle Mold Damage in Your Lake Worth Business 

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Let the Professionals Handle Mold Damage in Your Lake Worth Business  Let us help you reopen your restaurant quicker after mold damage. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Mold Damage in Your Lake Worth Restaurant 

You may be wondering what is up with all of the hype surrounding mold damage in your Lake Worth restaurant. Many talk about possible health concerns while others mention the effects mold has on your dining atmosphere. In reality, one of the most significant concerns stems from any number of permanent damages fungi can cause if left festering in your building. 

Mold and other bacteria cause decomposition of organic materials used to construct your restaurant in Lake Worth. Mold damage is something you should never ignore; sometimes, it takes a professional in mold remediation to locate and control growth found on your property. With that said, if you locate mold damage in your restaurant, it is crucial to address the issue as soon as possible. 

Since mold often coincides with water damage, you want to call a company who specializes in mold damage mediation, like SERVPRO. Our technicians with Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can help you remove water from you building fast, making the likelihood of mold growing less. We also have services designed to adjust to your specific circumstances, allowing us to provide you with quality solutions.

SERVPRO technicians follow strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and our IICRC training. The core steps include cleaning and drying moldy materials, proper disposal of uncleanable infected items, and drying of non-moldy items within 48-hrs of exposure. We have emergency response teams available 24-hrs a day, 7-days a week to respond to your call for help with any situation, even those that occur after hours. 

At SERVPRO, we look out for your customer's health and safety, document all conditions and processes involved in your remediation, and work hard to control mold contamination at its source. If at all possible, we help keep your restaurant doors open as we perform your businesses remediation. Regardless, we normalize the contamination and remove the water source, causing the infestation. 

Work with the professionals at SERVPRO of Lake Worth for access to expert mold remediation services throughout West Palm Beach, Ocean Ridge, and Palm Springs. We do everything possible to keep other local businesses running smoothly, call today. (561) 588-9777

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Why Stress Over Water Damage Remediation in Your West Palm Beach Home?

6/15/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Stress Over Water Damage Remediation in Your West Palm Beach Home? Your home can quickly be taken over by water damage. Contact the professionals today for remediation assistance.

Water Damage Above and Below in West Palm Beach Home

This part of Florida is no stranger to high humidity, and that makes it even more crucial to act as quickly as possible when there is water damage. It is even more so when water loss events happen in an upstairs bathroom and make its way into floor joists and even the ceiling below.

When SERVPRO handled water damage in a West Palm Beach bathroom from an overflowed bathtub, we needed to attack the problem from above and below. Water ran under the tile flooring into the floor joists and dripped through the ceiling into the kitchen below as confirmed by our moisture detection probes and thermal imaging. We used portable pumps to extract as much moisture as possible so we could lessen the time the drying phase of restoration services would take.

Why SERVPRO? We know it is vital to get excessive moisture removed and dried as quickly as possible to avoid additional problems such as mold or weakening of building materials that later need replacing. We are based locally and can be on site soon after your call to help lessen losses through restoration and proprietary cleaning methods.

Our technicians set up air movers and dehumidifiers in the bathroom above to dry the flooring. To address the floor joists and ceiling, we drilled weep holes in the ceiling to allow greater airflow and fashioned a unique configuration using stiff plastic to create a plastic tube to force air from our air movers downstairs into the weep holes to deliver large quantities of air into the space to dry it thoroughly.

Once the water loss areas attained drying goals as confirmed with our detection equipment, we cleaned and disinfected the bathroom and kitchen. Our technicians paid particular attention to ensuring humidity levels in the bathroom and kitchen were well under ideal conditions for mold to become an issue from this event.

When water damage strikes, contact SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 for fast cleanup and restoration. We are local and arrive quickly whether the damage is in part of a room or an entire home affected, We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How to Remove Smoke Odors After a Fire in Your West Palm Beach Home

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How to Remove Smoke Odors After a Fire in Your West Palm Beach Home Whether fire or water restoration, SERVPRO of Lake Worth is equipped for the job.

Removing Odors with Fire Damage in West Palm Beach

Fire damage can be devastating for a home, there are not only charred items and building materials but also damage from water or the extinguishing agent used to put out the fire. Because soot can travel, it is vital that cleanup happens as quickly as possible and traffic stays out of the fire loss area until mitigation efforts are completed to avoid spreading it to other rooms.

When SERVPRO cleans up and restores fire damage in a West Palm Beach home, our first concern is safety. We contain the rooms using thick plastic barriers and cover the vents to keep soot from traveling into the ductwork.

Our technicians pack and remove restorable items to another area outside of the cleanup site. Then we remove charred items and building materials and extract water or remove fire extinguisher residue as needed using hand-held vacuums with HEPA filters. The HEPA filtration is necessary because it captures the small soot particles that can cause odor.

Our technicians work closely with your insurance adjuster to ensure that there is approval for every step of the restoration process and we remain within budget. SERVPRO technicians photograph and catalog every item we handle, whether it is a restoration or a loss.

After the cleanup of fire loss areas of the home, we clean and disinfect surfaces. This action typically lowers foul smoke odors significantly, but sometimes the smoke odors left behind require additional odor control treatments.

We have different types of equipment to meet smoke odors head-on and eradicate them. Hydroxyl generators and ozone machines work in similar fashions to capture odor-causing particles and render them inert at the molecular level. Another type of odor control uses thermal fogging, which delivers a liquid solvent heated and delivered as a fog that penetrates porous items exactly like smoke and overtakes the residual smoke odors.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth can turn around the effects of fire damage. Contact our certified technicians 24/7 at (561) 588-9777, and we can arrive onsite within hours to make your fire loss "Like it never even happened."

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Why Try And Handle Water Damage Remediation in Your Lake Worth Home Alone?

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Try And Handle Water Damage Remediation in Your Lake Worth Home Alone? Mold can sneak up on you in your Lake Worth home. Contact the professionals at SERVPRO today.

Best Tools and Products to Help Mold-Damaged Lake Worth Homes

The discovery of mold growth in your Lake Worth property can often be stressful for a homeowner, especially one who understands the severity of this situation. Colonization can quickly spread throughout a property, moving far beyond the origin point to spread to new materials, contents, and areas of your house. Combatting the effects of this spreading organism can be challenging and requires the expertise and equipment of our skilled Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Finding the right approach to contending with mold damage in your Lake Worth home takes careful consideration. With the appropriate tools, products, and tactics, many lightly or currently unaffected materials can avoid removal and replacement by our SERVPRO team. As with all of our recovery projects, the best way to fully understand the work to get done on the site is to start with a careful evaluation of the scope of the damage.

The removal of colonies is the only way to protect and preserve affected materials that have not become too badly damaged to save. There are multiple solutions for decolonization, among the most immediate and broadly effective of these being media blasting. With different products from shells to soda, we can use abrasive cleaning approaches to remove the entire hyphae of an organism.

Our SERVPRO professionals also arrive with state-of-the-art cleaning, disinfecting, and antimicrobial sprays and products. Each of these agents plays a critical role in the cleaning and recovery of affected surfaces, contents, and materials throughout your mold-damaged house. These same products can also help to make surfaces uninhabitable against spreading colonization and active mold spores in a damp environment.

We strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive and thorough experience when removing mold colonization from their home and restoring the damaging effects these organisms can cause. You can count on the fast response of our SERVPRO of Lake Worth team to make mold growth “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (561) 588-9777.

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Lake Worth Business District Stores and Service Centers Count on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Lake Worth Business District Stores and Service Centers Count on SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage SERVPRO Sets up a Negative Air Pressure Containment to Dry Out Water Damaged Lake Worth Properties

Containment to Keep Your Water-Damaged Lake Worth Shop Open

Water damage can quickly get out of control in Lake Worth shops, regardless of the source of this incident. With store-based water loss incidents, plumbing is often the primary culprit. With this network of pipes usually hidden behind walls, it can be challenging to identify the immediate point of a break or rupture in the plumbing to repair it. Even with the main water supply shut off to the building shortly after the disaster occurs, it is still vital to pinpoint the vulnerability and to get this situation resolved before water service can get restored. Also, qualified technicians must address the damage the water has done to the shop as well.

One of the primary concerns that shop owners should have in their Lake Worth location after water damage is the effect that this situation has on their stock and investments. While spreading water can affect these items and your product in many ways, there are also options that our SERVPRO team employs to protect and preserve these contents when possible. Our team can remove at-risk belongings and your inventory to prevent oversaturation and potential total loss.

A massive obstacle to overcome when our team first arrives at your shop is containing the results of the disaster to the specific area around the source. With how quickly these damages can spread throughout a property, our SERVPRO technicians have physical containment barriers as well as the use of advanced equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers to address moisture and saturation concerns. Our technicians can set up plastic sheets for isolation and use negative air pressure to channel excess moisture from the interior of your place of business.

An advanced containment strategy that begins along with our mitigation efforts can help to save our customers money. We strive to provide every business with the most effective efforts, and that commitment helps to get their doors open again quickly.

We understand that water loss incidents can have a dramatic and damaging effect on your shop, but it does not have to mean a total loss, either. Give our SERVPRO of Lake Worth professionals a call 24/7 at (561) 588-9777 to make water loss effects “Like it never even happened.”

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How Excessive Moisture Affects Your West Palm Beach Home

5/8/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Excessive Moisture Affects Your West Palm Beach Home Excessive moisture can become a friendly environment for mold growth.

Does Water Damage Dry Up in Your West Palm Beach Home?

Many West Palm Beach homeowners fail to see the severity of water loss incidents without standing water and visible damages. In truth, prolonged moisture and dampness, even in areas that are difficult to see or access, can pose the same potential threats as standing water can. More alarming is the volume of homeowners that believe that these water loss incidents can dry up on their own without the intervention of professional restorers or focused drying efforts with efficient equipment.

Water damage in West Palm Beach does not restore itself. Even with the possibility of environmental conditions drying out moisture and dampness over time, the effects to the exposed structural elements and construction materials persists. A wise solution is to address the water damage as it happens with efficient and effective tools like our high-velocity air movers and the Injecti-dry system that can penetrate areas like wall cavities, ceiling spaces, and into flooring.

In a single day, moisture and dampness can cause irreparable damage to construction materials like drywall. The saturation causes the material to bloat and distort, either making it too heavy to remain in position, or to degrade to the point of falling apart. Our SERVPRO professionals can assess the spread of moisture damage like this from the initial visit, making a note of the dampness levels for preservation approaches like flood cuts.

Allowing moisture and dampness to resolve on their own also presents secondary risks for your entire household. Mold spores naturally exist in your home, even in wall cavities or inaccessible areas of your property. When given the appropriate conditions to seat and thrive, these mold spores can adhere to damp surfaces and materials and begin to form hazardous colonies. Our SERVPRO remediation specialists can address these concerns as well, but they could also have gotten avoided with the appropriate initial response to the water damages.

If you want to know if dampness and moisture from water loss incidents can dry up on its own, the answer depends on the condition. To avoid costlier restoration and potential remediation, give our SERVPRO of Lake Worth rapid response team a call at (561) 588-9777.

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We're Your Best Option When Dealing With A Water Damage Incident In Your West Palm Beach Home

4/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO We're Your Best Option When Dealing With A Water Damage Incident In Your West Palm Beach Home We can have your home dry and safe again in no time when you call us at (561) 588-9777.

Why SERVPRO Is The Popular Choice For Water Cleanup In West Palm Beach

If you have noticed spots on your ceiling in your West Palm Beach home that you do not recognize, you want to take immediate action to see what the problem is. Spotting like this indicates you have a leak somewhere, and if it has leaked there once, it can happen again and create a more significant problem.

If a ceiling leak has caused water to pool into your home, you need water cleanup services in West Palm Beach right away before more problems arise. SERVPRO is a professional remediation company who understands that any water damage loss requires fast action. Therefore, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, so it is easy to see why SERVPRO is a popular choice for water damage emergencies of all kinds.

There are various reasons why your ceiling could be leaking, including a leaky roof. Heavy wind storms can blow shingles off the roof, or your roof may just be told old to keep the water away. Your roof needs to be inspected regularly by a professional so look for any damages. Your gutters also should be checked. If they become clogged by leaves and other debris, it changes the flow of water with enough force that it can enter your home.

Airflow is one of the essential tools that SERVPRO techs use to restore water damage. Drying your structure effectively requires knowing the right techniques for using airflow. In the case of your ceiling, the airflow from air movers must be directed across the wet ceiling to evaporate any moisture. Doing so circulates the warm air which has risen to the ceiling. For drop ceilings, we open a few panels on either end and then direct the airflow into these areas.

Additional issues that can cause leaking in your ceiling include leaky pipes. Leaky pipes are many times the most dangerous water leak since even the tiniest hole can flood your ceiling with many gallons of water per day. Old pipes or pipes which were not correctly installed or secured can cause these issues.

If an upstairs bathroom is not waterproofed correctly with the right sealant or caulk, this can also be a significant reason for water damage in your ceiling and can also damage the room below. Also, if you have a laundry room upstairs, a leaking washing machine creates massive damage when it leaks many gallons at once.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth is always available to help you with a water damage emergency in your home in Manalapan, Hypoluxo, or Ocean Ridge. We can have your home dry and safe again in no time when you call us at (561) 588-9777.

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Our Certified Technicians Will Restore Your West Palm Beach Bakery

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Our Certified Technicians Will Restore Your West Palm Beach Bakery We have the technology and techniques to restore your business so you don't lose money. We are here 24/7 so don't hesitate to call us anytime.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Gets West Palm Beach Bakery Back in Business

Water damage can be devastating to a business and particularly so in the foodservice industry. Along with disruptions to the company, there are health department standards that must be met for cleanup and long with ensuring the environment is safe for both customers and employees.

In the case of cleaning up commercial water damage in a West Palm Beach bakery due to a broken pipe in the kitchen, SERVPRO technicians arrive on site within hours of the initial call and begin to address multiple issues at once to hasten the process of getting the business restored for reopening as quickly as possible.

Our technicians inspect the area around the pipe break to ensure there was not any long term moisture or vapor barriers present in the wall. Often slow leaks that go unnoticed become waterfalls that get the attention of everyone. Because of the increased humidity and lack of ventilation, this area can be a perfect home for mold colonies to grow. During the drying phase, baseboards around the bottom of the wall are removed to allow for the positioning of air movers and dehumidifiers to lower the moisture to the point the potential for mold growth is inhibited.

Saturated drywall often is a casualty of water loss situations. Our technicians use moisture detectors and thermal imaging to determine where the moisture ends and begins and cut the drywall retaining moisture away. This enables the wall cavities to be voided of excess moisture.

Once the premises attains drying goals set by our technicians, the sanitation of the bakery can begin. In a business where there are established standards for cleanliness, SERVPRO technicians have proprietary antifungal and antibacterial formulas that leave surfaces disinfected and sanitary.

SERVPRO does not remove even damaged materials without the approval of the property owner. As part of the restoration, our SERVPRO location offers a full range of building services so we can clean, restore and repair your bakery so you can reopen as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth knows that every minute commercial water damage keeps your business from being open is revenue lost. Call our emergency response team 24/7 at (305) 269-8900 at the first sign of water loss, and we can be on site within hours to begin cleaning and restoration.

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