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What Is the Best Way to Remove Water Odor from My Home?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

docked boats at harbor, tropical Flooding in West Palm Beach, Boats, Houses, or Condos--Rely on SERVPRO for Damage Control and Restoration

SERVPRO has multiple applications to neutralize odors in West Palm Beach Houses

Nearly everyone in this part of Florida, West Palm Beach, has dealt with some level of flooding in their homes and many people can attest that the odor post-water loss is one of the worst things to deal with. This can get compounded as something even worse when the water contains sewage or other stinky elements. Because flood water has the potential to be harmful to come into contact with and SERVPRO techs wear head to toe protective clothing when performing restoration services in local properties.

Are My Carpet and Furniture Automatically a Loss if They Have Flood Damage?

In the majority of situations where SERVPRO handles flood damage cleanup in West Palm Beach homes, porous items such as carpet, cushions, or upholstered furnishings require discarding as there is no way to restore them to a sanitary standard for reuse within the home.

Carpets can be injurious to move when wet due to its weight, so the technicians need to remove the water beforehand. Once the water gets extracted as much as possible, the carpet gets cut into manageable strips and disposed of according to local sanitary regulations.

Non-porous items that may respond to deep cleaning methods such as immersion cleaning, may have restoration potential for reuse within the home. SERVPRO techs inspect each item in the loss area methodically and nothing gets disposed of without approval from the adjuster or property owner. The techs are happy to work directly with the insurance adjuster as needed, and this also ensures that all the work done during the cleanup gets approved as being within the scope of coverage so there are not any surprise out-of-pocket expenses for cleaning up the flood loss.

Controlled Demolition is a Common Part of Flood Loss Cleanup 

It is hard to believe half an inch of water can do the amount of damage it has the potential to leave behind. It can:   

  • Wick into sheetrock and cause buckling and warping
  • Delaminate tile
  • Ruin carpet and padding
  • Seep under floor covering and saturate the subfloor

Measures that SERVPRO techs take against this type of loss to the structure include:   

  • Drilling weep holes for drainage in walls and baseboards
  • Removal of baseboards to open up floor joints for extraction and drying
  • Flood cuts to quickly remove damaged sheetrock above the waterline

Mold is Always a Concern After Flood Loss 

SERVPRO technicians have an extensive library of information and training in the fight against mold infestations post-flood. Because of the elevated interior humidity, and warmer year-round temps in Florida, it creates a perfect breeding ground for naturally occurring mold spores to germinate and spread rapidly.

When drying the property, the techs take air moisture readings to determine the current percentages and develop a drying goal that is below sustainable levels for mold growth. During the drying process, readings get taken at regular intervals to ensure that the interior humidity levels are on track. Once the interior gets dried, proactive treatments to inhibit any mold growth through the use of antimicrobial cleaning agents and sealants.

Prepping the Property for Needed Repairs 

Several actions go into the preparation of the structure for repairs or reconstruction needed to bring the home to its pre-flood loss condition. Getting rid of ruined building materials and contents assists in lowering the foul odors but residual odors may remain even after the structure shows as dry on the meter readings. To leave the structure odor-free, the techs use a variety of odor control methods to neutralize unpleasant scents left behind. One of the go-to pieces of equipment is the Hydroxyl Generator which works exactly like leaving laundry in the sun to kill odors using the same UV rays. Best of all, as this machine converts airborne molecules, it is completely safe around people, pets and plants. Thermal fogging requires no one else is on-site while it gets used, but it is very effective for getting rid of otherwise embedded odors and making them nonexistent. Since both of these odor control methods work to change the odorous particulate at the molecular level, the scents never return.

The loss area also gets thorough hand-cleaning from the techs using their proprietary cleaners. Depending on the surfaces getting cleaned - different solutions get used. For example, an antibacterial for counters and specialized formulas for other types of surfaces.

SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 brings the professional tools and experience to eliminate the problems flood damage brings to a home and restores the property to its pre-water loss condition.

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