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Your Home Experienced Fire Damage. What's Next?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged room with heavy smoke and soot damage Don't let fire damage dictate where you live. Call SERVPRO today for fire damage remediation assistance.

What Factors Affect Fire Damage Restorability in Lake Worth Properties? 

At first, even when localized to one area of the home, fire damage can look daunting to clean up. We know that looks can be deceiving, and often items homeowners think are a total loss are restorable through our cleaning methods.  

When mitigating fire damage to a Lake Worth property, several factors determine how much SERVPRO technicians can salvage through restoration efforts. No two fires are the same because the materials that fuel the fire are unique to the premises' location, and airflow patterns are never the same. The rules for cleaning and restoration are rooted in scientific methods. They are finite, and technicians apply them to each situation to fit the circumstances for the best outcome for the property and possessions.  

Technicians use wet and dry sponge methods to clean smoke residue, and soot non-porous surfaces such as vinyl wallpaper and enamel painted walls. Items that smoke has permeated such as upholstery or carpeting generally require deep cleaning methods to neutralize the odors. Plastics and rubber leave wet smears to clean up while wood and natural materials leave a drier, lighter residue that is easier to clean.  

Soot is a double issue during clean up. The small particles can cause odor, and also some motes are tinier than the human eye can see. SERVPRO technicians often use HEPA air scrubbers that can capture particles as small as 0.3-microns. Soot can travel if not contained and wind up in food containers in the pantry moving through the threads in a jar or invade the refrigerator through gaskets not providing an adequate seal. Our technicians can inspect food items and advice if it is safe to keep or dispose of them.  

Removing Odors from Properties with Fire Damage here in Lake Worth 

One of the most prominent issues homeowners experience after a minor fire are unpleasant odors. When materials burn, they release chemicals along with carbon into the surrounding atmosphere. In particular, synthetic materials release thicker smokes that come with smells that are not easy to remove. Using a professional service to remove soots and tackle lingering odors is an essential part of getting your home back to how it was before. 

Properties that undergo minor fire damage in Lake Worth can be remediating relatively quickly with a minimum fuss. Inhabitants do not have to move out of the structure during restoration because containing the flames to one specific area, like a kitchen, occurred. 

The more concerning aspect is that smokes travel on natural air currents and can occupy small, enclosed spaces that are difficult to remediate. From there, these residues and soots can give off odors that provide an unpleasant reminder of the fire damages and fill your home with the smells of burnt plastics and wood. SERVPRO can provide technicians with IICRC qualifications in odor control and remove unpleasant smells efficiently.

Deodorization requires more than one method to be truly useful. Sometimes, we never locate the source of an odor; in this case, SERVPRO technicians use multiple procedures to \properly combat the smell. The first procedure is to use thermal fogging equipment. These vaporize deodorant solvents and spread that vapor throughout the affected area. Since deodorizing fumes are similar to smoke, they enter the same cavities and neutralize the offending odor. 

In enclosed spaces like ventilation shafts or small attic spaces, we can place odor pellets. These mask odor particles until they eventually dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere and no longer present a problem. Furnishings can also be a common culprit in burnt smells even if they appear clean to the naked eye. We use chemical containment methods, spraying furniture with chemical deodorizers that form a barrier and prevent odors from rising into the air. 

Part of getting your home back to preloss conditions is removing all reminders of the event, contact SERVPRO of Lake Worth at (561) 588-9777 for thorough restoration and deodorization.

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