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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Can West Palm Beach Homeowners Obtain Fire Damage Recovery Services from One Company, Meeting the Needs of Both Structures and Contents?

9/27/2020 (Permalink)

burned kitchen in a home Recovery services include many steps and helpful tools. Contact our experienced technicians for expert services.

SERVPRO Approaches West Palm Beach Fire Restoration Challenges Balancing the Requirements of Damaged Structures and Contents -- Check Out Our Strategies to Restore the Space and the Irreplaceable Items that Make Your House a Home

If you have never contended with the effects of a fire in your West Palm Beach home, the tension presented when you have both damaged essential structural components, and a houseful of fire residue-coated items, is daunting. The necessity of quickly restoring the soot, smoke, and charring-compromised dwelling is undeniable. But you also wonder how room after room of furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions can also receive the attention needed. Can both concerns be met by one multi-talented and appropriately equipped team? Let us show you why the answer is affirmative.

Is It Possible to Subdivide the Fire Damage Responses into Manageable Jobs?

When we arrive at your West Palm Beach home, fire damage restoration might proceed more efficiently if we consider a "divide and conquer" approach. One of the strategies we often follow is to move some or all of the contents of your home elsewhere while our onsite crew works on:

  • Firefighting water removal, containment, and disposal
  • Surface residue evaluation, including the matching of the soot residues found on different surfaces with appropriate cleaners, tools, and methods for efficient removal
  • Determining if charred or water-damaged structures are restorable, or if the components now, or after aggressive charring or water removal, no longer demonstrate the strength needed for their function, requiring replacement
  • Contemplating the challenges of odor removal and developing a deodorization plan

Why Would Packing-Out the Contents of a Fire-Damaged Home Help Speed the Restoration of the Physical House's Structure?

SERVPRO technicians relentlessly guard against the drift of fire residues in West Palm Beach from one space to another during restoration. Otherwise, the restoration process never resolves. A house fully loaded with furniture and other portable property requires our team to contain each workspace. Technicians must move items continuously to maintain the integrity of cleaned spaces. Contents also carry soot and water if they were located near the fire or if air currents or HVAC systems spread soot and debris to them. Moving the contents out of the house helps by:

  • "Clearing the decks" for efficient water and fire residue removal
  • Preventing contents from spreading soot and odors within the walls of your home, particularly in newly-cleaned areas
  • Lowering your home's humidity because it is likely the contents were soaked with sprinkler systems or the firefighters' hoses
  • Permitting us the room to scale up equipment assignment and crew members deployment to complete project phases quickly 

How Does a Pack-Out Improve Restorative Outcomes for the Contents of Your Home?

Like the benefits granted to your home's structure after removing soiled, wet contents, packing out your furniture and other possessions protects them from continuous resoiling from smoke and soot residues lingering in the air and settling on surfaces in your home. It also prevents wicking of the firefighting water into porous materials, and takes the permeable items away from a humid space filled with contaminants.

How Is My Personal Property Managed and Secured During a Pack-Out?

When our specially trained contents technicians assess the pack-out inventory, they start by sorting them according to the type and intensity of fire and water damage. During the pack-out process, SERVPRO employees use our Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to track the property through lists, barcodes, and pictures. The CCIS provides a concise documentation system for insurance claims, following each item. We determine item by item if it needs and can endure cleaning, drying, deodorizing, and disinfecting to regain its previous function and appearance.

What Are Examples of Special Restoration Resources SERVPRO Uses for Contents?

In our production facility, we maintain a range of resources focused on fire-damaged items' unique needs. Away from the hectic environment at your home, we carefully select from the following treatments, and more:

  • Freeze-drying for documents, photos, and other paper soaked during the firefighting
  • Industrial washers and dryers to restore:
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Household linens
  • Window treatments
  • Immersion tanks to soak soot-encrusted non-porous items before a scrub with soft brushes and towels
  • Ultrasonic tanks that use sound waves to blast off deeply embedded fire residues 
  • Small chambers to clean and dry furniture efficiently
  • Contained areas where we can use deodorizing technology like:
    • Thermal or wet foggers
    • Hydroxyl generators
    • Ozone machines

Never fear that SERVPRO of Lake Worth might falter in our pledge to return your dwelling and the unique contents within to "Like it never even happened." We respond 24 hours a day, prepared to send out fully equipped crews promptly with a single call to  (561) 588-9777.

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